Winter Wren

Lummi Island offers excellent opportunities for observing wildlife–birds, butterflies, tree frogs, deer, seals and orcas offshore. Supporting a broad range of habitats can enhance our viewing opportunities while helping to preserve local wildlife species, several of which have become rare elsewhere.

We can create variety by preserving native plant growth under trees or leaving unmowed meadow edges. Building brush and rock piles provides wildlife shelter, and protecting wetlands provides a valuable source of water and breeding habitat.

Thoughtful cooperation with neighbors can accomplish even more by creating inter-connected wildlife corridors and sanctuaries that are much larger and more varied than any single property can provide. For more detailed information, the following resources are provided.


Lummi Island Bird List. Available at the Lummi Island Library (publication)

Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. Russell Link (book)

Living With Wildlife. Russell Link (book)

Washington Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary Program

Browse Birds. Washington bird identification information with online bird call recordings.